Mac OS X Mavericks: How to move the dock from one display to another

by Ten Go

One feature that I like about OS X Mavericks is support for multiple displays. If you are a developer this is useful stuff. OS X versions prior to 10.9 supported multiple displays; however, Mavericks does it properly this time. Displays now behave independently of the other. This means each display now has its own menu bar and applications entering fullscreen mode no longer render the other display unusable. Displays, sort of, get their own dock, too. Although moving it from one display to another takes some getting used to.

Moving the dock to a second display is not straightforward but it’s easy to do. Assuming you are using an Apple Magic Mouse, you can tell OS X to move the dock to the active display by following these steps:

First, click the desktop or any window on the display where you want the dock to move to. This will make the menu bar go active. 

Then, place your finger on the mouse while moving the cursor towards the bottom of the screen. The dock will them pop up.

Easy, right?