Hit two birds with one stone by doing a physical activity

by Ten Go

I’m loving Dubai. The climate in the city during this time of year is cold and nice so I decided to walk around the school block right across the building I live in for two hours. The school’s perimeter is about 1.2 kilometers and circling it takes me on the average about 12 minutes to complete. So, doing the maths, in two hours I would have walked 12 kilometers non-stop. Not bad for a beginner like me. (Actually, my RunKeeper says the distance I walked is longer although I am inclined not to believe it. Looking at the map it produced, I see zigzags which is not true because I walked in a straight direction and not in a zigzag-y manner. It must be the phone swinging back and forth or the GPS going nuts.)

Anyway, what I wanted to do with this blog post is share a tip when the best time to think things through is.

For instance, you have plans for the week ahead and couldn’t find the perfect time to think. Well, here’s a solution. Try a physical activity such as walking or running. Put your walking shoes on, play some funky music and hit the pavement. While you’re sweating yourself to a lean and mean body, try focusing your mind on something that’s bothering you (in a positive way, of course). I find that I am able to concentrate more on my plans for the next day whenever I am outside walking towards home or exercising.

So, there. Let me know if it helped you.